Meet Your New Competition

The competitive landscape is shifting. It’s no longer just a battle against big chains and the restaurant next door. Big box retailers are offering low cost, ready-made meals. Online delivery hubs make it easy to order any cuisine type. Online grocers dispatch prepped dishes. Even trendy food trucks have the potential to lure customers away.

While people eat dinner out 20% of the time1, they are no longer just considering restaurants. Restaurant visits stalled from April – June 2016, according to the market research firm NPD Group, Inc.2 At the same time, in-store dining and takeout of prepared foods from grocers has grown nearly 30% since 2008.3

Did you know that:

Understand Your Customer

In order to keep attracting customers and driving revenue, pizzerias should now appeal to their customers’ dining motivations more than ever before. Since dinner is most commonly dined out, accounting for 31% of traffic and 42% of restaurant dollars(1), operators should consider a few key dining habits for the dinner meal:

How to Win the Dinner Dollar 

Make It Impossible for Customers to Resist

Ensure Their Experience Is Quick and Easy

And, of course, always greet customers with a warm welcome and exceptional service.

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