Reward Your Staff and the Profits Will Follow

In the restaurant industry, where annual turnover can range from 50% at upscale spots to 300% in quick serves, long-term employees are prized commodities. They increase efficiency with their knowledge; save money and time from having to train new hires; provide consistent service to guests; and allow management to devote greater attention to menu development, marketing and other revenue-generating initiatives.

Value those who add value to your team

As much as you may want your workers to put in the same hours, drive and focus as you do as the owner, they will never be as invested in the business. But hard workers deserve to be recognized – it’s one of the simplest ways to keep your team motivated and encourage loyalty. Ensure that they realize you value their efforts and thank them when appropriate. As another way to say thank you, you may want to reward them with performance incentives.


Reward performances that exceed your expectations or establish target goals to inspire better sales, service or employee satisfaction.

Incentives can:

Boost Customer Loyalty. Allowing your staff to earn rewards boosts their morale and improves their attitude ... and in turn makes customers more satisfied with their dining experience.

Drive Check Averages. Your staff will work harder to sell your most profitable menu items, and to upsell those items you’ve prioritized in your contest goals, when they’re motivated to earn rewards.

Influence Customer Purchase Behavior. Offering incentives to improve the selling skills of your staff increases sales and customer orders for special promotions. This can be especially helpful when you’re trying to launch a profitable new menu item.
Smith, Daniel P. “Incentives and Rewards Encourage Employee Retention.” Pizza Today. Feb. 2014.

Reduce Employee Turnover. Motivated employees are more satisfied with their jobs and less likely to leave you to work for a competitor, thus reducing recruitment and training costs.

Incentives don’t have to be in the form of cash or prepaid debit cards. Non-financial incentives can also be strong motivators. As one operator said,  “Preference on schedule or station can be critical…other less tangible rewards, such as extra breaks and extra meals, which cost very little overall, may also be good options.”


High quality, exceptional tasting ingredients and great service is key to why customers prefer independent pizzerias. Grande provides the unsurpassed quality of cheese that will differentiate your pie (and your restaurant) from the competition. Your commitment to quality ingredients is a message you should encourage your staff to share as part of their goals and you can use incentives to reward them when they do. The more they know about your products’ quality, the easier it will be for them to inform customers and enhance your guests’ overall dining experience – all important factors in promoting customer loyalty and increasing profits.


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