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  Consistency Begins with Grande Cepponelli®

Grande Cepponelli Fresh Mozzarella logs provide consistent slices which result in greater coverage and better eye appeal in Caprese salads, sandwiches and a variety of other applications. Every tub contains 7 logs that each weigh 11.43 oz. and yield approximately 20 uniform ¼" slices. Plus, Cepponelli is packed in single 5 lb. cases to minimize inventory.

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Introducing a Blend That Can Complete Any Pie

Grande Mozzarella Provolone Mild Blend attracts customers with its rich, buttery taste and superior texture that they'll be willing to pay for. This blend also helps boost profits in the kitchen, with greater flow for better coverage, plus labor-saving diced and shredded formats that reduce waste. Customers will love the superior taste and consistent flavor - and you'll appreciate the even melt, outstanding reheat qualities and ability to use this all-natural product across your entire menu.

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