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Fiery Pepperoni Pizza
Here's a crowd-pleasing recipe that's got a little extra kick-both in flavor for your patrons and extra sales for you!

Fiery Pepperoni Pizza
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Cheese influences the flavor, appearance and aroma more than any other ingredient. In fact, 9 out of 10 consumers feel that adding cheese to a dish gives it more flavor.
Grande Whole Milk Mozzarella is a creamy white cheese with a rich "dairy" flavor. This cheese comes in a variety of forms, has excellent melt and stretch characteristics when baked and reheats beautifully, making it the perfect cheese for pizza and your other Italian entrees.

  • Exceptional flavor
  • Does not burn or oil off
  • Melts evenly, with a consistent yield
  • Outstanding reheat qualities
  • Excellent stretch and tender mouthfeel
  • No preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Complements the taste of your crust, sauce, and toppings to ensure a consistently great-tasting pie
  • Ensures a consistent crust and enhances the appearance of your pie, while ensuring consistent baking times
  • Allows for fuller pie coverage, so you may use less cheese per pie
  • The quality of your pie will always be consistent, whether sold by the slice or whole pie, on or off premises, through carryout and delivery
  • Customers see quality and taste it with the very first bite. It is the memory of that quality that brings them back for more
  • All natural, preservative and filler-free so flavor and performance are always of the highest quality and consistency

Product Specifications

Form Case Pack Product Code UPC Code
Loaf Eight-7 lb. 106 6 37876 09106 3 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Diced Six-5 lb. 704 6 37876 09704 1 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Shred Six-5 lb. 703 6 37876 09703 4 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF

Check Quality Codes - Make sure cheese is being properly rotated to ensure performance. The first four digits are the month and the day the cheese was made.

Prepped cheese storage - Cheese you shred and dice should be kept in clean, covered stainless or plastic containers, not in shipping cases.

For best performance, keep refrigerated under 42°F. Product should not be frozen.

Shelf Life
For best results, use within 42 days.

Shredding/Dicing/Slicing - Use clean equipment, sharp blades and cheese that has come directly from the cooler.

Prep area temperature - Prepped cheese should be kept cold and not allowed to sit at room temperature for extended periods of time. Always keep covered and refrigerated when possible.

Oven Time and Temperature - Once you have determined the proper temperature and bake time for your oven, you can count on Grande cheese performing the same every time.

Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, rennet.