Grande Mozzarella Provolone Mild Blend provides a well-balanced taste that's subtle enough to use as your everday cheese, yet flavorful enough to set your menu apart. Available in dice or shred, your customers will love the superior taste and consistent flavor - and you'll appreciate the even melt and outstanding reheat qualities across your entire menu.

  • Exceptional flavor
  • Does not burn or oil off
  • Melts evenly, with consistent yield
  • Outstanding reheat qualities
  • Excellent stretch and tender mouthfeel
  • No preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients
  • The well-balanced taste is subtle enough to use as your everyday cheese, yet flavorful enough to set your menu apart
  • Ensures a consistent crust and enhances the appearance of your pie, while ensuring consistent baking times
  • Allows for fuller pie coverage, so you may use less cheese per pie
  • The quality of your pie will always be consistent, whether sold by the slice or whole pie, on or off premises, through carryout and delivery
  • Customers see quality and taste it with the very first bite. It is the memory of that quality that brings them back for more
  • All natural, preservative and filler-free so flavor and performance are always of the highest quality and consistency

Product Specifications

Form Case Pack Product Code UPC Code
Diced Six - 5lb 718 6 37876 09718 4 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Shred Six-5 lb. 719 6 37876 09719 1 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF

Check Quality Codes - Make sure cheese is being properly rotated to ensure performance. The first four digits are the month and day the cheese was made.

For best performance, keep refrigerated under 42°F. Product should not be frozen.

Shelf Life
For best results, use within 48 days.

Prep Area Temperature - Prepped cheese should be kept cold and not allowed to sit at room temperature for extended periods of time. Always keep covered and refrigerated when possible.

Oven Time and Temperature - Once you have determined the proper temperature and bake time for your oven, you can count on Grande cheese performing the same every time.

Part Skim Mozzarella - Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, rennet.

Provo•Nello® Provolone - Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes.