UPC Code 6 37876 09106 3
Product Code 106
Description Grande Whole Milk Mozzarella is a creamy white cheese with a rich "dairy" flavor. This cheese comes in a variety of forms, has excellent melt and stretch characteristics when baked and reheats beautifully, making it the perfect cheese for pizza and your other Italian entrees.
Ingredients Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, rennet.
Storage For best performance, keep refrigerated under 42°F. Product should not be frozen.
Handling Check Quality Codes - Make sure cheese is being properly rotated to ensure performance. The first four digits are the month and the day the cheese was made.

Prepped Cheese Storage - Shredded and Diced cheeses should be kept in clean, covered stainless or plastic containers, not in shipping cases.
Preparation Shredding/Dicing/Slicing - Use clean equipment, sharp blades and cheese that has come directly from the cooler.

Prep Area Temperature - Prepped cheese should be kept cold and not allowed to sit at room temperature for extended periods of time. Always keep covered and refrigerated when possible.

Oven Time and Temperature - Once you have determined the proper temperature and bake time for your oven, you can count on Grande cheese performing the same every time.
Shelf Life For best results, use within 42 days.
Quality Code A seven digit number representing the date of manufacture. Code includes month, day, plant code and vat number.
Packaging Vacuum Packed - Eight-7 lb.
Nt. Wt. 54.500 lbs.*
Gross Wt. 56.250 lbs.*
Case Length 18.250"
Case Width 12.500"
Case Height 7.500"
Ti/Hi 8/5
Cases/Pallet 40
Pallet height 42.000"

* This product is a random weight item. Actual weight will differ.