Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli

Get all of Philly’s greatness with this cheesesteak meets Stromboli combo. Surprise customers with thinly sliced, seasoned Philly steak, fried onions, sweet peppers, mushrooms, hot peppers and Grande Sliced Provolone all jammed into tri-fold pizza dough.

Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli

8 oz. (1 each) Pizza dough, 8-inch x 10-inch

4 slices Grande Sliced Provo•Nello® or Deli-Style Provolone

2 oz. Seasoned shaved steak, cooked

1/2 oz. (2 tbsp.) Yellow onions, fajita-cut, pan fried

1/2 oz. (2 tbsp.) Mushrooms, fresh, sliced, sautéed

1/2 oz. (1 tbsp.) Pickled hot pepper slices, drained

Olive oil, as needed

Kosher salt, as needed

Black pepper, as needed


Philly Cheesesteak Stromboli
Yield: One stromboli
  1. Layer 2 slices Grande Sliced Provolone in center of dough; top with 2 oz. steak, 1/2 oz. each: onions, bell peppers, mushrooms and pickled peppers and 2 slices Grande Sliced Provolone.
  2. Roll up the dough into a cylinder shape, tucking the end in as you go. Gently pinch edges to seal; place seam-side down on mesh screen or baking pan. Cut steam vents; brush dough lightly with olive oil and season with salt and black pepper.
  3. Bake at 450°F for 81/2 to 9 minutes in an impingement oven, at 450°F for 12 to 15 minutes in a deck oven or until golden.


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