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Grande Promise

“Never before has your business depended more on the quality of the product you serve.”
John Candela   

Extraordinary Cheese Begins with Exceptional Ingredients
Just like you, our passion for excellence starts with the ingredients we use. To make sure you receive only the finest cheeses, each day we harvest, thoroughly test and ship Grade A milk from dedicated farms that meet our stringent quality standards. A majority of these dairies have received 5-Star Certification from the Milk & Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Program™, signifying that they have exceeded the government’s highest rating, while ensuring the highest level of animal health and welfare.

Crafting Cheeses That Create Memories
Blending specially selected cultures and using the time honored techniques of our skilled cheese artisans, Grande manufactures “The finest Italian cheeses money can buy!”®. Our all natural cheeses never have any additives, fillers or preservatives to ensure optimum flavor, performance and consistency. The care we use in crafting our cheese means your customers will have an unforgettable dining experience. Building these memories assures that they will become repeat customers and tell all their friends to come to you for the finest food available.

Exceptional Flavor and Unparalleled Consistency Guaranteed
To make sure that you receive only those cheeses that meet the highest quality standards, all Grande cheeses are 100% guaranteed.

If you ever have a concern about our cheese, we will not only replace it, but also will test it and analyze the results to continually improve our quality standards.

Your Success Is Our Team’s Focus
Our dedicated Sales and Marketing Associates are always on hand, ready to serve and assist you. They understand that making the perfect pie is your goal. Their goal is to make sure you can deliver that pie…time and time again. Across your front and back of house operations, these dedicated professionals see the big picture and what it is that keeps you up at night. They are continuously developing solutions and innovations that can be tailored to your needs and that are proven to build your business.

That is our promise, and just some of the many ways Grande is committed to helping you successfully grow your business and find new ways to delight your patrons daily.