Your Recipe for Success From Grande

We understand your goal is to build a successful business. Our goal is to help you with a recipe for success which includes key ingredients including high quality cheese products, a dedicated team of pizza experts and valuable business solutions that allow you to create your own recipe for success.

Ingredient #1: Quality Products

Our passion for excellence starts with all natural ingredients, including milk from local family farms. Our family farmers invest in sustainable solutions for herd health and the environment. They are as passionate about quality milk as we are about quality cheese. As a result, their milk exceeds the highest quality standards.  Once the milk arrives at our cheese making facilities, skilled artisans use a combination of time-honored techniques along with the latest technology to craft fine Italian cheeses. This process means our cheeses consistently deliver optimum flavor, yield and melt every time.

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Grande Sales Associate presenting cheese products to an independent restaurant operator

Ingredient #2: A Dedicated Team 

Grande Sales Associates have years of experience in the foodservice and pizza industry and are dedicated to help you develop and grow your business.  If you are looking for advice on menu suggestions, pricing or opportunities to improve profitability, your Grande Sales Associate is there to help you. And if you ever have a product concern, they will be there to help you resolve it and if needed replace the product.

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Ingredient #3: Business Resources

Your success is our only goal.  We are committed to helping you with industry tools, resources and insights for both front and back of house to help you sell more pies.  This includes our 100-Percenter Program. 

The 100-Percenter Program is for operators who have committed to using 100% Grande cheeses on all their pizzas. With this commitment, operators have access to several exclusive business resources, including:

  • Free merchandising materials to promote your commitment to quality.
  • Free digital content including videos and socials posts to share with your customers.
  • Exclusive website content, tools and templates to help build your business.
  • Grande Cheese App to help you understand your product food costs to maximize your profits. 
  • Plus customized marketing support from our Solutions@Work team.  You can rely on our pizza marketing experts to deliver proven results with impactful marketing pieces at a competitive price.

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Try This Recipe for Yourself 

All great recipes start with the best ingredients. And that is exactly what you can expect from Grande. You are committed to your success, and so are we.    

Date: April 28, 2022
Category: About Grande

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