Business Tools

These tools are designed to help your business grow and thrive. By targeting specific markets, leveraging your brand, and designing a menu to better entice customers to crave your food, you will be in a better position to increase your sales and profits.

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Direct Mail

Direct mail programs are a great way to reach new customers, as well as tell your existing customers about new promotions, special menu items and events. Contact our experienced team ready to guide you through the process of creating a direct mail marketing program that’s right for you.

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Other Design Services

Set your restaurant apart from the competition and sell more of the menu items you want by letting our experts design a menu that best fits your needs. We can help you determine your brand look and feel, and design a logo to help your business be more memorable and profitable.

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Image Library

Take a shortcut to the library to choose images for your menu.

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Recipe Cost Calculator

Exclusive to 100-Percenters, Grande’s Recipe Cost Calculator can help you compare your menu price to your actual food costs so you can price your menu items profitably.

Here are some suggested cheese portions for your pies:
  6” PIE 8” PIE 10” PIE 12” PIE 14” PIE 16” PIE 18” PIE
LIGHT 1 oz. 1.5 oz. 2.5 oz. 4 oz. 5.75 oz. 7.25 oz. 7.5 oz.
STANDARD 1.25 oz. 2 oz. 3.25 oz. 6 oz. 7 oz. 10.5 oz. 12 oz.
HEAVY 1.75 oz. 2.75 oz. 4.5 oz. 7.5 oz. 9.25 oz. 14 oz. 15.5 oz.

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Use 100% Grande Cheese on your pies to gain access to a library of proven business tools and resources that can help you drive your success.

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