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Gift Certificate Program
Getting gift certificates into the hands of your community members is a great way to generate sales in your restaurant now. Whether your customers choose to give them as gifts of support during this time or save to use themselves later, it will get cash in your register today. Even if you have not used gift certificates in the past, this turnkey kit gives you the tools you need to implement and promote a gift certificate program.
GC Suggestions
Tile Image Gift Suggestions
Here are some suggestions to help you implement a gift certificate program in your restaurant today!
Customizable Gift Certificates
Tile Image Gift Prints
Use this customizable PDF to create gift certificates to print and sell in your restaurant.
GC Tracking Log
Tile Image Gift Log
Print out this log to track gift certificates that you sell and redeem.
GC Digital Content
Tile Image Gift Social
Suggested Post Copy:
1. Share the love! Gift certificates are a great way to show support for your family and friends that may be need a little help during these times. (ENTER OFFER IF APPLIES) #EatLocal
2. Love our pizza, but eating at home these
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GC Printable Sign
Tile Image Gift Sign
Download this printable sign to share on-premise to promote gift certificate sales.
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