Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza

Joel Mills, Mike Akey, Jerry Roberts, Laure Young, Melissa Akey, Ryan Zachow, Gainesville, FL
Established 2009
What's Your Story?

Our story started with a tiny pizza place near the University of Florida. From there, it was about meeting the right business partners to move forward. Currently we have 6 locations with plans of 30 total.


Consistency is the main thing when you open your second location. Make sure it’s as good as the first, because if somebody says one is better than the other, you’re going to have a problem.

Favorite Recipe

I would say the Napoletana. Normally I’d say a regular cheese pizza so you can tell if it’s real quality or not, but this one has old world pepperoni that’s dry-aged with fresh garlic and it’s really good.


Krispy Pizza

Tony, Freddy and Vince Palazzolo, Old Bridge, NJ
Established 1909
What's Your Story?

Our dad opened Krispy Pizza in 1971 and built up the business. He instilled in us how to run a pizza shop. As brothers, we decided to continue the legacy at another location, opening up our first shop in 2005.


We like to think of ourselves as the New York Yankees, meaning we hire and grow from within. Our best employee started as a delivery driver. We made him a manager, gave him incentives and it proved to be very successful.

Favorite Recipe

The Grandma Pizza. It’s a thin crust, Sicilian style pizza with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and basil. It’s very simple. Our brother Alfonso, who is no longer with us, brought it into the Brooklyn store and it took off.


Otto Pizza

Anthony Allen, Mike Keon, Portland, ME
Established 1981
What's Your Story?

We met in Boston and had always talked about running a pizza shop. Mike moved to Maine and noticed there weren’t any good slices in the area. We gave it a shot together and it was a slam dunk out of the gate.


Make sure it’s a strong partnership. We’re not screaming at each other and we never have. We just figure things out and make a lot of quick decisions. I would never tell people to jump in, but it works for us.

Favorite Recipe

It's the cheese slice that tells you everything you need to know about the pizza, but it’s truly the go-to. Outside of that, it’s our sausage Vidalia Pie.