What's a Grande

When you use 100% Grande Cheese on your pizza, you join a group of quality-minded foodservice operators who get proven business solutions to help you in your success. Additionally, you will have access to decades of back-of-house expertise, and you will be among the first to experience our latest product and business innovations.

Become a 100-Percenter Today

As an independent operator, you are eligible for Grande Cheese Company’s 100-Percenter program just by using 100% Grande Cheese on your pizzas. Your Grande Sales Associate will work with you to make sure you are eligible and get you signed up, giving you access to a wide range of business tools, industry trends, and marketing insights designed to help you grow your business.

After you receive your first shipment of Grande Cheese for your pizzas, you can start taking advantage of the benefits of the 100-Percenter Program. You will be able to order marketing materials like box stickers, table tents, posters and more. Set up a direct mail program and take advantage of our menu design services. Utilize the menu cost analysis tool and dig into market trends affecting you and your business.

The power of the 100-Percenter Program will help you tell your independent story, sell more pies and make more profit – all at no cost to you!


Reduce waste and get the most out of your Grande Cheese with portion control tools that deliver a consistent serve every time.
Take advantage of an internal support team who can help you with menu design and direct mail.
Access Grande’s library of marketing ideas, trends, insights and knowledge that you can use to help build your business.
Get previews of Grande’s latest product and business innovations and new recipes.

100-Percenters Get Access To...

We started using Grande and haven't stopped since. The way it cooks, the way it tastes, the way it stays, it's all natural, it's everything they say it is.
Porto Bello Pizzeria Restaurant | Queens, NY
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