00174-Grande Fresh Curd Approx. 20lb

00174-Grande Fresh Curd Approx. 20lb
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Grande Fresh Curd is ideal for operators who prefer to make their own fresh mozzarella. This full-cream mozzarella curd provides exceptional flavor and mouthfeel. Grande Fresh Curd is all natural - without any preservatives, filler or artificial ingredients.
Pasteurized milk, cream, vinegar, and enzymes
Storage & Handling
Refrigerate under 37°, but do not freeze. Always keep product covered with cold water or mild brine. Always use clean utensils, preferably a slotted spoon or tongs. Never use hands to serve product.
Sanitize your hands and work station before removing product from package. Place desired amount of curd into stainless steel bowl. Break curd into very small pieces by hand or with knife. If desired, sprinkle with salt to taste and mix. Pour hot water(170°-180°F) over the curd, enough to cover. Allow the curd to heat up for about one minute before working. Gather into a small mass, until the pieces begin to stick together. Drain off some of the hot water. Exchange or add additional hot water to cover the curd. Work the curd into a soft mass with a paddle or tongs. When strings can be formed and the curd can be stretched smoothly, it is ready to work. Work into desired shapes. If the curd begins to harden, add a bit more hot water to reheat. Place finished pieces in a bucket of cold running water to cool down for at least 10 minutes. Transfer to a storage container with a tight fitting lid. Keep the finished products covered in a light brine solution (1Tbsp. fine sea salt dissolved in 1/2 gallon cold water). Cool products to an interior temperature of 36° F before using.
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Pillow Pack - 1 X 20 lb
*Nt. Wt.
20 lbs
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21.5 lbs
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