The sweetest, richest cannoli begins with Grande Ricotta. Garnish with a signature touch, then offer these treats individually or sell them by the dozen for customers to take home and enjoy.


51/2 cups (one 3 lb. container) Grande Sopraffina®, Tenera® or Dolce Ricotta

12/3 cups Sugar

11/4 tsp. Vanilla extract

30 cannoli shells

Cannoli (heavier cream version)

81/2 cups (one 5 lb. container) Grande Del Pastaio® Ricotta

21/2 cups (20 oz.) Sugar

2 tsp. Vanilla extract

30 cannoli shells


Yield: Fills 30 cannoli shells
  1. Combine all three ingredients and whip together well. Transfer to pastry bag fit with a #5 star tip.
  2. Fill cannoli shells with cream by gently squeezing the pastry bag into one end of the cannoli shell and then the other end of the cannoli shell. The cream should slightly overfill the shell.
  3. For added flair, sprinkle the ends with chocolate chips or chopped pistachios and dust them with powdered sugar or dip the cannoli shells in white or dark chocolate before filling.


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