Ricotta, Bacon & Egg Ciabatta

Ricotta is starting to appear on breakfast menus everywhere. So now is the time to rise and make your menu shine with the on-trend appeal of this fresh and creamy cheese. A prefect, all-day breakfast option, this sandwich brings comforting Italian flavors to life.

Ricotta, Bacon & Egg Ciabatta

3 strips Applewood bacon, cooked crisp

2 Fried eggs, seasoned with salt and black pepper

1/2 oz. (1 cup) Spinach leaves, fresh

1 Ciabatta sandwich roll, sliced

Butter, melted, as needed


Ricotta, Bacon & Egg Ciabatta
Yield: One Sandwich
  1. Brush cut sides of roll with butter and toast until golden.
  2. Layer 1 oz. sliced Grande Prima Dolce® Ricotta on bottom half of roll; top with 1/2 oz. spinach, 3 bacon slices and 2 fried eggs.
  3. Close with top half of sandwich, secure with picks and slice in half.