Italian Nachos

Combine the popularity of nachos with classic Italian flavors to create a bold new menu favorite. This recipe features crispy house-made pasta chips topped with zesty red sauce, Italian sausage, pepperoni, melted Grande Mozzarella Mild Provolone Blend and banana peppers, garnished with a drizzle of Alfredo sauce.

Italian Nachos

3 oz. (1 cup) Pasta Chips (see recipe)

2 oz. (1/4 cup) Pizza sauce

2 oz. (1/2 cup) Italian sausage topping, fully cooked

1/2 oz. (7 slices) Pepperoni slices

1/2 oz. (2 tbsp.) Banana peppers, sliced, drained

2 oz. (1/4 cup) Alfredo sauce, warm

1/2 oz. (2 tbsp.) Tomatoes, fresh, chopped

1/4 oz. (1 tbsp.) Black olives, sliced, drained

Pasta Chips

24 oz. (8 cups) Wonton wrappers, refrigerated


Italian Nachos
Yield: One appetizer for sharing
  1. Arrange 3 oz. Pasta Chips on pizza pan; top with 2 oz. pizza sauce, 2 oz. Italian sausage, 1/2 oz. pepperoni slices, 3 oz. Grande Mozzarella Mild Provolone Blend and 1/2 oz. banana peppers.
  2. Bake at 500°F for 1 to 11/2 minutes in an impingement oven, at 500°F for 2 to 21/2 minutes in a deck oven or until cheese is bubbly and melted.
  3. Slide nachos onto serving plate; top with 2 oz. Alfredo sauce, 1/2 oz. tomatoes, 1/4 oz. black olives and 1/4 oz. grated Grande Parmesan Cheese.
Pasta Chips
Yield: 24 oz. (8 cups) chips
  1. Cut wonton wrappers in half diagonally, forming triangle-shaped "chips.”
  2. Working in several small batches, deep-fry at 350°F for 10 seconds or until light golden; shake basket and drain.