Why Grande

Your customers crave authentic Italian food. It’s what keeps them coming back. Grande Cheese Company delivers all natural Italian cheeses that offer the consistency and taste they know and love.

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Food shows, foodie blogs and magazines have driven a trend for quality food, educating customers about what makes something taste exceptional and raising expectations. Natural ingredients, a food’s origins and even a company’s values are all part of choosing what and where they eat. It’s what drives us to ensure we’re delivering the quality you and your customers are looking for.

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Proven Performance

When you’re delivering consistently great pizzas with a delicious cheese, your customers take notice. It’s no coincidence that 6 of the last 10 of Pizza Today’s “Independent Pizzerias of the Year” winners are long-time Grande customers.

Did you know?

Cheese flavor is considered important on pizza by 78% of consumers. Technomic 2014

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We're a Lot Like You

Grande is an advocate of independent operators. We understand what it takes: the late nights, good times, and the challenging times. We grew from independent roots to where we are today. We speak your language and we know what it takes to make it (and we don’t just mean delicious cheese).

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Social Responsibility

At Grande, we believe social responsibility is the understanding that we do not live alone, and while we may not be able to change the world, we can change the world around us. We, as a company of individuals, work together with common goals, striving for and contributing to “…the fulfillment of a purpose greater than ourselves.”

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Your Success is
Everything to Us

Sure, we’re about the cheese, but that’s only part of the story. We’re helping you grow your business by delivering the best dining experience to your customers. Our dedicated Sales Associates share their years of experience and knowledge working in restaurants and the foodservice industry. We offer a range of marketing support initiatives and money saving tools to improve profit and grow your business.

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Use 100% Grande Cheese on your pies to gain access to a library of proven business tools and resources that can help you drive your success.

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