Grande is dedicated to helping you grow your business. From marketing resources and ideas to keep customers coming in the door to tools designed to keep your restaurant profitable and kitchen efficient, we are here to share best practices learned from industry experience.


Solutions @ Work

Our direct mail programs and design services are available at a competitive price to customers that use Grande cheese exclusively on their pizzas.


Order Printed Materials

Designed specifically for independent pizzerias, Grande provides a collection of free marketing pieces to communicate your commitment to quality and various levels of competitively priced customizable materials to brand and market your restaurant. Additionally, order our free portion cups to help you maximize your profits through proper portion control.


Free Social Content Downloads

Put the word out that you use quality cheese with downloadable images and videos for your social pages and website.


Internet Explorer is not supported for this tool. Please use a different web browser, such as Chrome, Safari or Firefox, for optimal performance.

When you create semi-customized or fully customized materials with Grande, you have the option to add a QR code to certain materials such as table tents and box toppers. When your customers scan the QR code on their mobile device it will take them directly to the URL you provide, most often your website or online menu. If you do not have an existing QR code for your restaurant, you can create one below by following these simple steps:

  1. Enter the full URL that you would like the QR code to go to (ex: http://example.com)
    *Be sure to include the http:// or https:// in your URL
  2. Click “Generate QR”
  3. Once the QR populates on the right side, click “Download QR” and save it to your device
  4. If you’d like to create additional QR codes, click on “Clear QR” to start over with a new URL