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Independent pizzerias and Italian restaurant operators across the country acknowledge that Grande Cheese Company provides the best quality Italian cheeses available. We never rest on our laurels and challenge our team to pursue and exceed the highest quality standards in everything we make. The proof is in the taste. It’s what keeps your customers coming back.

That all natural Grande taste

Our cheeses are made from only the freshest, all natural ingredients. They are so full of flavor, there’s no room for additives, fillers or preservatives. Our cheeses are all natural not because it’s trendy, but because it’s how we’ve always made cheese and how cheese should be made.

It starts with the purest, Wisconsin milk

Our milk is collected daily from cows at dedicated Grande producer dairy farms that have been rated “Verified Premium Plus” by the Dairy Quality Center. After milking, it is quick cooled and taken directly to our nearby state-of-the-art facilities, where our cheese artisans craft it to bring out that great Grande taste.

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The perfect consistency, delivered consistently

Consistency of flavor, of yield, of melt in any oven type, delivered consistently – that’s the Grande difference. It means you know that you get the best result each and every time so you can focus on creating great food and a successful business.

Great performance, time and again

What keeps people coming back? It’s all in the performance. Grande cheeses don’t burn or oil off, making for the best dining experience every time. Plus they offer excellent reheatability, which is perfect for pizzerias that serve slices or for your customers who want to enjoy leftovers the next day.

High Quality Cheese Making

Grande’s five cheese production facilities in Wisconsin incorporate the best of traditional, Italian cheese-making techniques, monitored by the latest technologies. We don’t just meet - we exceed - the highest standards of milk production in the nation. We test our products at every step, ensuring the quality of our cheeses, from farm to table, because like you, we want your customers enjoying a great dining experience every time.

What's a 100-Percenter?

Use 100% Grande Cheese on your pies to gain access to a library of proven business tools and resources that can help you drive your success.

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