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How can I receive materials to help market my business from Grande?
Grande has a variety of tools available to Grande 100-Percenter customers who use our cheese exclusively on their pizzas. For more information on materials to market your business, please click here to contact us.

Can I use the Grande logo on my menu?
Operators that are using Grande products exclusively for their pizza have the ability to use our logo on their menu - for more information email or call 800-8-GRANDE.

Is Grande Cheese Company affiliated with the Grande Cheese Company in Canada?
No. Grande Cheese Company is not in any way affiliated with the Grande in Canada

Why do cheese prices fluctuate?
The weekly average price of cheddar block affects the price of milk used to make cheese, which in the end determines the wholesale price of mozzarella. There are many factors that influence the cost of milk such as supply and demand, reduction in herd sizes, energy prices and even the weather to name a few. There is little you can do to control the volatility of the price of cheese, but you CAN control your profitability.
Here some ways Grande can help you manage your food costs
• Consistent Product - An inconsistent cheese will yield differently. A high-quality cheese like Grande will always provide the same coverage - day in, day out.
• Portion Control - Grande offers three ways to consistently portion your cheese:
- Grande's product forms - Our shredded and diced cheeses give you consistency in size.
- Grande's portion cup, designed for our diced and shredded cheeses
- Grande offers an electronic food scale for purchase
• Menu Cost Analysis - Understand fluctuating food costs and how to manage them and price your pies for profit

What is this 5-star rating you talk about?
The 5-Star Certification from the Milk & Dairy Beef Quality Assurance Program is a rating given to those dairy producers who have received the highest marks for animal health and welfare. Well-cared for animals result in better milk. And that's the milk that we use for our cheese.

What are the benefits of Grande shredded and diced cheeses?
When you shred or dice cheese yourself, there's a certain amount of waste involved, you don't end up with a consistent size (which increases the amount of cheese used per pie), and, of course, there's the time and labor involved. Grande shredded and diced cheeses take all the work - and guesswork - out of it. Rest assured, our shredded and diced product has the same quality, excellent taste, and performance of all our cheeses. And we never use any additives, fillers, or preservatives in ANY of our cheeses.

What is the source of rennet (enzymes) in Grande cheeses?
Grande does not use rennet (enzymes) from animal sources to produce Grande Mozzarella, FIOR•di•LATTE, Ricotta, Fresh Curd and Parmesan. Grande Romano, Provolone, Aged Provolone, 50/50 Blend and Mozzarella Cheddar Blend does contain rennet (enzymes) from animal sources.

Are Grande cheeses Kosher?
Grande Ricotta is Kosher certified. Kosher cheeses can be identified by looking for the on the package.

If my cheese has mold on it, is it still good?
If cheese develops surface mold, cut off about 1/4-inch from each affected side. The remaining cheese should be rewrapped in new plastic wrap and used within a few days.

Can I freeze my Grande cheeses?
We do not recommend you freeze Grande cheeses. Freezing and thawing product can change the characteristics of the cheese and result in moisture expulsion and inconsistent performance.

What's the best way to store my Grande cheeses?
Grande cheeses should be kept refrigerated under 42°F, but not freezing.

Do Grande Cheeses contain trans fats?
All Grande Cheeses contain less then 0.5 grams of Trans Fats per ounce. Under FDA guidelines the cheese can be labeled as containing 0 Trans Fats per one ounce serving.

Is my cheese still good past the use by date?
Only Grande fresh cheeses (FIOR•di•LATTE and Ricotta) are dated with a use by date. We recommend you use the product by the date on the container or package for optimum flavor and performance. Grande's other cheeses are marked with a date of production. If you have questions about the use by date on product, please click here to contact us.

rBST Statement
All cows have naturally occurring BST in their systems, a protein hormone which stimulates milk production. The protein rBST is a synthetically developed version of BST that is used to supplement a cow's existing BST. It is scientifically impossible to distinguish milk from supplemented and non-supplemented cows. Therefore, Grande does not test for rBST.

How do I read Grande's Quality Code?
For fresh cheeses, the package is stamped with a use by date.
For pizza cheeses, the first 4 digits of the quality code are the month & day the product was produced.
For Small Styles, Parmesan and Romano, the first 4 digits of the quality code are the month & day the product was packaged.
For Aged Provolone, Julian date of production is stamped on the product tag.

Why would an operator consider using a cheese blend on their pizza?
Operators would use a cheese blend on their pizza to enhance the flavor of the pie and to differentiate their menu offering from the competition while satisfying patrons demand for flavor. There is also an opportunity for you to charge a premium price for blended cheeses.

What is the best way to hang Grande aged products?
Grande aged products should be hung in an area that is at least 50°F or below. Hanging product should be rotated at least every two weeks for optimum product flavor and performance.

Are Grande cheeses pasteurized?
Yes, all Grande cheeses are made from pasteurized cow's milk.

Do Grande Cheeses contain gluten?
Grande Cheese Company guarantees that the cheese products it produces do not contain gluten.