Smoked Mozzarella

Grande Fumella is a lightly smoked Part Skim Mozzarella that complements your other ingredients without overpowering them. Perfectly balanced, it adds a hint of smoke flavor to existing menu items while opening doors to new specialty pizzas, appetizers, sandwiches and more!

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Why Fumella?

  • Nearly all (93%) customers find smoked foods appealing.This is a flavor that will create excitement for your menu and lines out your door.    
  • Fumella is perfectly balanced and lighter in smoke intensity, which is ideal for the majority (86%) who prefer a light or moderate flavor intensity.1
  • With customers becoming more adventurous, they will be eager to try Fumella, as 88% said they would try smoked mozzarella on a pizza.1   
  • Looking to increase profits? Three out of four customers expect to pay more for dishes featuring smoked mozzarella.1 Don’t leave money on the table!

1 Datassential, Consumer Omnibus Study, January 2022

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  • Subtle smoke flavor to complement other ingredients
  • Consistent performance — with excellent melt, stretch and reheat
  • Naturally smoked with cherry and hickory wood
  • Pre-shredded to save time and labor
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Grande Fumella — First impressions

Hear what pizza operators have to say about Grande Fumella

Joey Vanoni, Pizza Di Joey | Baltimore, MD

“If someone didn’t like a smoked mozzarella, I would say, try this one.”

Sean Marsiglia, Three Brothers | Palm Harbor, FL

“The customers are giving us positive feedback on Fumella.”

Matteo Venini, Stellina Pizzeria | Washington, D.C.

“It’s very nice, subtle, in a nice way.”

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Customizable Marketing Support

Fumella has the power to help you create new flavor combinations unlike anyone else in your neighborhood. Now you just need to spread the word. Leverage our marketing support to generate excitement for your menu items or specials featuring the one and only Fumella Smoked Mozzarella.