Smoked Mozzarella

Grande Fumella is a lightly smoked Part Skim Mozzarella that complements your other ingredients without overpowering them. Perfectly balanced, it adds a hint of smoke flavor to existing menu items while opening doors to new specialty pizzas, appetizers, sandwiches and more!

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Why Fumella?

  • Nearly all (93%) customers find smoked foods appealing.This is a flavor that will create excitement for your menu and lines out your door.    
  • Fumella is perfectly balanced and lighter in smoke intensity, which is ideal for the majority (86%) who prefer a light or moderate flavor intensity.1
  • With customers becoming more adventurous, they will be eager to try Fumella, as 88% said they would try smoked mozzarella on a pizza.1   
  • Looking to increase profits? Three out of four customers expect to pay more for dishes featuring smoked mozzarella.1 Don’t leave money on the table!

1 Datassential, Consumer Omnibus Study, January 2022

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  • Subtle smoke flavor to complement other ingredients
  • Consistent performance — with excellent melt, stretch and reheat
  • Naturally smoked with cherry and hickory wood
  • Pre-shredded to save time and labor
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Grande Fumella — First impressions

Hear what pizza operators have to say about Grande Fumella

Joey Vanoni, Pizza Di Joey | Baltimore, MD

“If someone didn’t like a smoked mozzarella, I would say, try this one.”

Sean Marsiglia, Three Brothers | Palm Harbor, FL

“The customers are giving us positive feedback on Fumella.”

Matteo Venini, Stellina Pizzeria | Washington, D.C.

“It’s very nice, subtle, in a nice way.”

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