Social Responsibility


“While we may not be able to change the world,
we can change the world around us.”

Grande Cheese Company is committed to nurturing an environment of sustainable success for the Grande community, while at the same time playing an active part in nurturing a positive environment for the communities in which we work.

Click here to download the Grande Cheese Company 2016 Social Responsibility Report.


Business Sustainability

“A trademark that does not continually and consistently meet and exceed the expectation levels of the customer is worthless!”

Our journey of ensuring Trademark Excellence is supported and embedded into the entire Grande organization by deeply rooted internal processes that protect, ensure and improve upon the quality of all areas, starting with the milk that is shipped to our facilities and continuing all the way through the process until it safely reaches our customers, in a literal “farm to fork” chain of custody.


Environmental Awareness

“Grande diligently works to protect the land, water, and air in the communities in which we operate.”

Our all natural cheeses come from pure, 100% natural Wisconsin milk, so it’s important to us to properly manage the lands and waterways that keep our cows and communities healthy. We’re deeply committed to conserving our natural resources by recycling, reducing land and water waste, creating energy from methane and turning by-products like whey into useful products. Grande Cheese Company is dedicated to meeting all Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations, and we work closely with them to ensure we’re constantly exceeding regulatory requirements.



“Every Associate at Grande is absolutely essential to the building of our world-class dairy products trademark.”

Within our company, we set our own high standards of behavior. Together, all Grande Associates strive each day to represent the standards and principles upon which our company was founded. These principles are the bedrock on which our company operates, and upon which we will grow into the future. We understand that we are on a long journey, one that will ultimately help us grow stronger as a business and in spirit.


Community Need & Outreach

“Grande has a passion for and a dedication to helping our communities.”

With production, distribution, and office facilities located in multiple communities, we support the areas in which we live and work through volunteer programs, product donations, and participation in local events. Grande’s most important natural resources, our Associates, are active members of the community serving in many ways, including as coaches, youth leaders, school volunteers, Jaycees, Rotary Club members, and volunteers in local fire departments.


What's a 100-Percenter?

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