Aged Provolone

Traditionally made, Grande Aged Provolone is slowly cured and lightly smoked with applewood from local orchards to achieve its savory and distinctive flavor. Carefully hand-molded into various Old-World shapes and sizes, each is hand-roped for visual appeal and authenticity. Grande Aged Provolone is a great addition to just about any Italian dish or can be enjoyed alone.



  • Distinctive Old-World flavor
  • Naturally aged and smoked
  • Authentic hand-roped appearance
  • Performs consistently in hot and cold applications
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Gigantino (Salame)Vacuum-pack/Hand Roped - 1 X 25 LB00237637876002373Download/Print
Gigante (Salame)Vacuum-pack/Hand Roped - 1 X 55 LB00241637876002410Download/Print
Gigante (Salame Qtrs.)Vacuum-pack - 2 X 12 LB00244637876002441Download/Print
Gigante (Salame)Vacuum-pack/Hand Roped - 1 X 100 LB00245637876002458Download/Print
Mandarini (Rounds)Vacuum-pack/Hand Roped - 1 X 30 LB00248637876002482Download/Print
Boccini (Rounds)Vacuum-pack/Hand Roped - 6 X 1.75 LB00451637876004513Download/Print
Provolettine (Rounds)Vacuum-pack/Hand Roped - 6 X 3.25 LB00452637876004520Download/Print
Salamini (Salame)Vacuum-pack/Hand Roped - 6 X 2 LB00454637876004544Download/Print