Fresh Mozzarella

One taste and you’ll see why Grande Fior·di·Latte translates to “the flower of the milk.” With its refreshing, light, milky flavor and tender, full bodied texture, Grande Fior·di·Latte will provide the authentic, high quality fresh mozzarella experience your customers crave. This is your chance to increase profits and put your restaurant on the map as a flavor destination worth visiting, again and again.

Additionally, Grande Fior·di·Latte is approved by VPN Americas as a Local Promoter. Together, we value the tradition and authenticity of Neapolitan pizza.

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Caprese Salad featuring Grande Fior-di-Latte

Why Fior·di·Latte?

  • Meet customer demand and exceed expectations, because 90% of consumers who have tried fresh mozzarella LOVE or LIKE it.¹
  • Increase your profits, dishes featuring Fresh Mozzarella generate 33% higher profit than those without.²
  • Consumers are looking for quality, in fact 85% of consumers believe high quality fresh mozzarella reinforces a positive perception of the restaurant.³

¹Datassential Menu Trends, 2023
²Datassential Flavor, 2023
³Datassential Consumer Omnibus Study, March 2021

Caprese Salad featuring Grande Fior-di-Latte
Baked Margherita Pizza featuring Grande Fior-di-Latte


  • Light, refreshing milky flavor that leaves your customers wanting more
  • Highlights and complements other ingredients on your menu
  • Full bodied, tender mouth feel
  • Traditionally presented in brine water to protect the tenderness
  • All natural, free of added whiteners like titanium dioxide
  • Available in five sizes—select the ideal size for any menu application
Available In:product code
Ciliegine (1/3 oz. Ball)Tub - 2 X 3 LB00161ViewDownload / Print
Bocconcini (1-1/2 oz. Ball)Tub - 2 X 3 LB00162ViewDownload / Print
Ovoline (4 oz. Ball)Tub - 2 X 3 LB00163ViewDownload / Print
Rotondino (10 oz. Ball)Tub - 2 X 5 LB00164ViewDownload / Print
Cepponelli (11.43 oz. Log)Tub - 1 X 5 LB00165ViewDownload / Print

Grande Fior•di•Latte, from the people who use it every day

There's no recommendation like that of someone whose livelihood depends on the quality of food they serve.
Hear what pizzeria operators have to say about Grande Fior•di•Latte.

Gino Fazzari, San Giorgio Pizzeria | Milwaukee, WI

"The flavor from Grande Fior•di•Latte is like nothing else on the market."

Vic Bernardini, Pizzeria Lucca | Roswell, GA

"Just like everyone else, we gave them their fair shot and they won."

Jason Kolich, 1889 Pizza Napoletana | Kansas City, KS

"Grande is always consistent."