Our Milk Producers

We work with a select group of dedicated milk producers who share our passion for quality and a strong commitment to sustainability. Together, we work to improve milk production, ensure we’re exceeding the nation’s highest standards of quality ­and protect the environment in our communities. And in doing so, we’re ensuring the exceptional standards that keep operators and patrons coming back for more


Cow comfort

Delicious, rich, creamy milk comes from cows that are cared for. Our producers constantly monitor cow comfort, diet, their cleanliness, body condition and health. It’s why Grande producers’ herds produce the highest quality milk available.


Support in the field and on the farm

Grande Cheese Company’s field services team and veterinarian regularly visit farms and meet with producers. We offer support and advice on proper cow handling, milking routines, stall maintenance, calf care, calving management, working with the milking equipment, as well as offering milk quality management training and support for farm employees. Our staff includes a full-time health and wellness veterinarian to help ensure overall herd health and milk quality.


Sustainable farming practices

We work with producers who share our commitment to caring for the environment. Many of these are multi-generational family operations that reinvest in sustainable solutions to ensure the health and success of their herds and lands for generations to come. From implementing renewable technology such as methane digesters to reducing soil erosion and their carbon footprint; it’s all about looking after our natural resources for future generations.

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