Our Heritage

Grande’s story began in 1891, in the small Sicilian village of Montelepre, Italy, where founder Filippo Candela was then born. It was in this warm, agriculturally rich region where he learned the art of making fine Italian cheese.

In 1925, shortly after marrying his wife Provvidenza, Filippo moved from the economic instability of post-war Italy to America in search of better opportunities. Initially purchasing a small dairy farm and orchard, he moved to Wisconsin to pursue his passion for cheese making. Speaking only a few words of English, he met an Italian cheese buyer from the Old World. This meeting sowed the seeds of a new cheese company formed by Filippo and a handful of family and friends. They named it Grande – a fitting name as the Italian word for ‘greatness’ – and its authentic cheeses soon became favorites with Italian immigrant families across the United States.

In the early years, Grande crafted traditional, aged Italian eating and grating cheeses such as Provolone and Romano. As pizza grew in popularity, Grande began to produce its trademarked Mozzarella, which soon became recognized as the most exceptional of cheeses for pizza. Grande cheeses are now known and trusted nationally as “The finest Italian cheeses money can buy!”™

Filippo and Enza’s passion for excellence continues to live on through every Grande Associate. Integrity, respect, and the pursuit of greatness are ingrained in everything we do and that is the difference you can taste in every bite of food made with Grande cheese.


Our Recipe for Success

Every great creation starts with a recipe. This is ours. It’s what guides us in our relentless pursuit of quality and excellence in everything we make, so you’re guaranteed the best in your pursuit.

Step 1: Start with a solid base

We’ve built strong relationships and trust through years of dedicated service to our operators. Their success is our success. It’s our only agenda and it’s what drives Grande to be the best we can be.

Step 2: Use Only The Finest Ingredients

We never take shortcuts. We use all natural ingredients, like the best milk from family farms in Wisconsin and only work with people who are as passionate about quality as we are.

Step 3: Add a Cupful of Independence

As an advocate and champion for independent businesses, we’re here to grow the industry. We won’t sell to major chains to ensure we’re helping independent operators to succeed.

Step 4: Mix Together for Best Results

The best results happen when Grande partners with independent operators to elevate their businesses. At any time, we have a committed team of Sales Associates out in the field, working with operators to help them be the best they can be.

Step 5: Ensure the Perfect Consistency

We hold ourselves to the highest standards and never stop improving how we work. It’s our commitment to delivering the best consistently that ensures your food is consistently the best.

Step 6: Prepare to Serve

From CEO to the newest Associate, we work best in the service of others, taking the time to get to know those we work with closely. We serve with integrity and humility, values that bring us together and keep us grounded.

Step 7: Save Some for Tomorrow

Our cheeses come from only natural ingredients, so it’s our responsibility to foster sustainable practices to ensure Grande’s success for future generations. This includes looking after our Associates, producers, customers, our community and our environment.

Step 8: Stay Hungry

We can’t afford to rest on our laurels and never stop in our relentless pursuit of that special something that’s greater than all of us.

Our Products

Our authentic Italian cheeses are made from the freshest, all natural ingredients, free of additives, fillers and preservatives to enhance the signature flavors that keep your customers coming back.