Grande Mozzarella cheese is regarded by many in the foodservice industry to be best in class. With its rich, one-of-a-kind buttery flavor, exceptional consistency and supreme melt, it stands out as an ingredient that can elevate authentic Italian pizza and other dishes.

To help you craft your perfect pizza, Grande Mozzarella is available in Whole Milk and Part Skim, or our East Coast Blend (a mix of 50% Whole Milk and 50% Part Skim Mozzarella). Whole Milk Mozzarella offers a rich buttery flavor, while Part Skim Mozzarella offers a more complex, distinct dairy flavor. For your convenience, all of our Mozzarella cheeses are offered in a variety of forms; loaf, diced, shredded and sliced.

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Why Grande Mozzarella?

  • Customers can taste the difference. In fact, 93% of consumers believe truly great cheese is important to making a truly great pizza.1
  • Expectations for greatness are continually on the rise. More than 40% of younger consumers (18-34) are seeking higher quality menu options.2 
  • With unmatched reheat qualities, your customers will love your pizza just as much the next day, especially since 76% of consumers intentionally order more pizza than they need so they can have leftovers.3

1,3  Datassential, Pizza KeyNote, April 2021

2 Technomic, Value & Pricing Report, 2019



  • Rich, distinct flavor that complements your other ingredients 
  • Melts evenly with consistent yield for fuller pie coverage 
  • Excellent stretch and tender mouth feel
  • Does not burn or oil off
  • Outstanding reheat qualities
  • 100% all natural, with no preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients

Convenience without Compromise

Managing rising costs and staffing shortages are growing concerns in the pizza industry. Grande’s convenience forms add value by:

  • Reducing labor costs and saving time
  • Improving food costs by eliminating cheese losses during prep
  • Increasing customer satisfaction through consistency

Click here to learn more about our pre-diced, shredded and sliced cheese.

Grande Mozzarella, from the people who use it every day

There's no recommendation like that of someone whose livelihood depends on the quality of the food they serve.
Hear what pizza operators have to say about Grande Mozzarella.

Joel Mills, Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza | Gainesville, FL


“It has the right stretch. It has the right cook. It’s consistent.”

Whitney Hart, Boss Lady Pizza | Boulder, CO


"It doesn't have that chew that a lot of other cheeses have."

Pasquale Presa, Pasquale's Neighborhood Pizzeria | Rochester, MN


"What is the difference between our cheese, and the competitor?"

Available In:product code
Part Skim Loaf8 x 7 lb00104ViewDownload / Print
Part Skim Shredded6 x 5 lb00702ViewDownload / Print
Part Skim Diced6 x 5 lb00701ViewDownload / Print
Part Skim Sliced6 x 2.5 lb00125ViewDownload / Print
Whole Milk Loaf8 x 7 lb00106ViewDownload / Print
Whole Milk Shredded6 x 5 lb00703ViewDownload / Print
Whole Milk Diced6 x 5 lb00704ViewDownload / Print
Whole Milk Sliced6 x 2.5 lb00126ViewDownload / Print