Build Your Business

As you look for ways to improve your sales and profits, there are four ways to make an impact. We’re here to guide you through the four methods with suggestions and ideas to grow your business.


Increase Repeat Traffic

Learn how to more effectively reach your existing customers by using a marketing calendar and direct mail programs. Your regular customers will feel more like they have been heard and more appreciated with special offers and comment cards to incentivize them to keep coming back.


Attract New Customers

Discover ways to grow your customer base and bring awareness to your restaurant by using one of Grande’s direct mail programs or customizing discount cards for local school and charity fundraisers. Make digital ordering even easier by integrating a popular online ordering program into your website or creating a smart phone app specifically for your restaurant. And organizing all promotions and events into a marketing calendar can make every tactic you choose more manageable.


Build Check Averages

Find tools to maximize sales from customers already in your restaurant. Specials, online promotions, and events can all entice them to try new menu items, while comment cards can help you gain insights on how to improve both your menu and service. Training your waitstaff to upsell and promote add on items can also improve check averages.


Improve Profitability

The first step in improving your profits is knowing your food costs and how they affect your pricing. You can also increase profits by making the pizza-making process smoother and more efficient. By offering a job-specific checklist for each position in your restaurant, every employee will know what needs to be done, and how to do it.


What's a 100-Percenter?

Use 100% Grande Cheese on your pies to gain access to a library of proven business tools and resources that can help you drive your success.