Authentic Italian Aged Cheeses

Grande has a rich tradition and roots tied back to Sicily. Those roots have allowed Grande to establish an authentic Italian cheese right here in the US. Grande has never and will never compromise on the products that we offer because we know how important consistency is to you and your customers.

Grande Aged Cheeses are slowly cured to provide maximum flavor. Made from the freshest, all natural ingredients, free of additives, fillers and preservatives, Grande’s Aged Cheeses are delicious as an ingredient in your favorite recipe or stand alone in an appetizer.

Grande Parmesan


Grande Parmesan has a full, balanced flavor that complements a variety of ingredients. Additionally, its performance and unique appearance work well as a ‘finishing’ cheese, added to a pizza or baked dish after coming out of the oven for additional aroma and taste.

Available in wheels, wheel quarters, grated, shredded and shaved.



The robust, well-balanced flavor of Grande’s Romano is pleasantly sharp and appetizing, giving it the power to amplify and enhance the flavors of other foods. It also carries a richness and creamy mouth feel that makes it desirable in any dish.

Available in wheels, wheel quarters and grated.


Aged Provolone

Grande’s Aged Provolone provides unmatched, authentic Old-World flavor that differentiates your recipes from the competition. Naturally aged and lightly smoked with applewood, it will add a rich, signature taste to dishes such as antipasto, soups and salads.

Available in salame, quarters and rounds. All styles are traditionally hand-roped.



Grande uses only the highest quality, authentic ingredients to create a traditional Asiago that provides a memorable experience. Grande Asiago has a savory delightfulness that offers an abundance of flavor while not overpowering other ingredients, making it a great addition to any recipe.

Available in wheel quarters and shredded.


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