COVID-19 Resources

We recognize that with the constantly changing COVID-19 situation, this is an unprecedented time for everyone — and especially for you, as an independent restaurant operator.  It is a time that, for many, is filled with uncertainty. However, we also know that we are part of a strong, resilient group.

We are navigating the volatility by staying true to the Mission and Culture of our organization.

This is our time to pull together as an industry and give back to the communities that have helped get us where we are today. Who better equipped to supply consumers with quality, consistent delivery and take-out food than an independent pizzeria? We will continue to update this page as new information and ideas become available.  Also, your Grande Sales Associate is available to assist and support as needed.

Grande Resources for Restaurant Operators

  • Gift Certificate Digital Toolkit:  Promoting gift certificates is a great way to generate immediate sales in your restaurant. Whether your customers want to gift them to friends and family members, or buy them now for a night out later, many people are choosing to purchase them to support their local restaurants.
  • Curbside Carryout Digital Toolkit:  As the daily regulations continue to change, offering new ways for your customers to get your food is vital. This digital kit has the tools you need to implement and promote Curbside Carryout.
  • No Contact Delivery Digital Toolkit:  It's time to stay resourceful in how you get your quality food to customers. This digital kit has the tools you need to promote No Contact Delivery, and best practices for maintaining your business.
  • Customizable Menu:  Are you currently offering a temporary menu? Our ready-to-edit menu template will help you share your current menu offerings with your customers.  Once completed, share it on your social pages or website.
  • Bounce Back Program:  If you have been thankful for community support and orders flowing in, consider keeping up the momentum with a bounce back promotion. This kit provides suggestions and communication pieces to implement a “Thank You” offer.
  • Email Capture Program:  Now is a great time to be capturing customer emails from takeout and delivery orders so that you can effectively market to your community in the future. This kit will help get you started.

Contact your Grande Sales Associate or our Customer Hotline (1-800-847-2633) if you have any questions or need assistance accessing these tools.

For additional information about COVID-19, its impact and best practices for your operation, visit the following resources:

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