What is a 100-Percenter?

When you commit to using 100% Grande Cheese on your pizza, you become a 100-Percenter, joining a group of like-minded operators who know the true value of quality. You’ll have access to decades of back-of-house expertise, proven business solutions, key insights and innovations, merchandising materials and top industry marketing professionals.


How does the program work?

After you receive your first shipment of Grande Cheese, you can start taking advantage of the 100-Percenter Program. Your Grande Sales Associate can make sure you’re eligible and get you signed in. Right away, you’ll be able to order marketing materials, access business tools, and see industry trends at no cost. You can also set up a direct mail program or take advantage of menu design services.


Why is Grande doing this?

Along with providing the best Italian cheeses money can buy, Grande’s mission is to help independent operators succeed and grow in as many ways possible. That’s why the 100-Percenter Program was created, giving you extra support to sell more pies and make more profit — because your success is our success.


100-Percenters Get Access To

Powerful Insights

Find marketing ideas, trends and insights that can help you stay ahead of the game, optimize your staff and more.

Money Saving Tools

Get the most out of your ingredients with tools for portion control and menu enhancement.

Free Marketing Materials

Tell your independent story, get ready-made seasonal promotions and communicate the importance of quality.

Solutions @ Work

Gain access to industry experts who will optimize your menu, design effective direct mail programs and customize in-store marketing materials.

Social Media Downloads

Get the content you need to tell your quality story and engage customers across all social platforms.

First Access

Be among the first to get a view of Grande’s latest products, business innovations and new recipes.

Hear Why Others Are Using Grande

Top restaurant owners share why they choose Grande Cheese, every time.