Menu Engineering Tools

Reviewing your menu to ensure you are set up for success is a critical step in maintaining a profitable business.


Pricing Your Menu for Maximum Profits

The first step in reviewing your menu prices is understanding your food costs and how they impact your profitability. Keeping the same menu prices when food costs rise over time eats into your profits. This guide offers best practices and a food cost analysis template to help you calculate the impact on your profitability.


Menu Engineering Best Practices

We’ve gathered industry best practices to help you maximize profits and offer menu items that your customers are looking for, as well as suggestions to consider if you are reopening your dining room.


Menu Engineering Template

This Menu Engineering Template was designed to help you understand the popularity and profitability for your menu items. Understanding which items are a win-win for your customers and your cash register will help you know where to focus your menu.


Maximizing Menu Profits

This detailed guide walks through the steps of costing your menu, from calculating your food costs to understanding external factors to consider and how to best design your menu for profitability.