Grande's Dedicated Sales Team

What does Grande’s dedicated sales team mean for you?

At Grande, our goal is to help you succeed. One way we do that is through a dedicated sales team who strives to be your business partner.

The Best Pizza

First, we work with our customers to help them build the best pizza. Our Sales Associates work side by side with you in the kitchen to help you build the perfect pizza for your concept. What is the perfect cheese for you? Loaf, diced or shred? Whole Milk, Part Skim or an Italian blend? Let our Sales Associate demonstrate our products to try them out with your dough and your sauce in your oven.

Focus on Profitability

After you select the ingredients that are best for your pizza, we work with you to determine the correct portions. We also help with costing your pizza to ensure your costs and margins are in line. And, our portion control cups will ensure your customers get the same pizza every time, no matter who is in the kitchen. Consistency is key!

Proven Sales Growth

Need to attract new customers? Let’s work together to identify ideas that may be a great opportunity for you, such as various styles of pizza, making your business known in your community, or industry trends to keep your menu fresh and relevant to grow your customer base. Looking to increase average check? We can share tips to upcharge for bold flavors on your crust or create high-margin appetizers. Trying to increase customer frequency? Use our comment cards and social media content to keep your customers engaged. In addition to our Sales Associates, Grande has a team of pizza professionals in our Wisconsin office working hand-in-hand with you and our sales team to provide proven solutions. When you use exclusively Grande cheese on your pizza, you have access to our free marketing support and materials, as well as paid services from logo development to menu engineering and reviewing your POS data to uncover areas of opportunity.

Industry Expertise

Our team has the skills and business partners to help your pizzeria in any area. Many of our Sales Associates have owned their own pizzerias or worked in the pizza industry for years. We work as a national team – if a customer in Texas wants to talk to someone in the New York pizza scene, we can help. If an operator is having trouble with an oven, we can help. We have a network of pizza professionals across the country when we need additional expertise including foodservice equipment manufacturers, distributors and DSRs, brokers and other manufacturer reps.

In short, we have you covered with back-of-house support and front-of-house solutions. Call 800-8-GRANDE or click here to connect with the local Grande rep in your area.



Date: October 15, 2020
Category: About Grande