Profit Builders
Use Grande aged cheeses as a seasoning ingredient in salads, dressings, pizzas, soups, pasta dishes, sauces and egg dishes to add unique flavors to your menu items and enhance customer's perceptions of your offerings, allowing you to charge a premium price to increase profits.
Made in the traditional way, Grande Aged Provolone is slowly cured and lightly smoked with apple wood from local orchards to achieve its unique savory, piquant flavor. Carefully hand-molded into various Old•World shapes and sizes, each is hand-roped for visual appeal and authenticity. Grande Aged Provolone is a great addition to antipasto platters, hot or cold sandwiches, melted on pizza or as an accent to soups, salads and pasta or eaten alone.

  • Distinctive Old•World flavor
  • Naturally aged and smoked
  • Versatile and available in convenient forms
  • Authentic hand-roped appearance
  • No preservatives, fillers or artificial ingredients
  • Develop recipes with an unmatched flavor that differentiates you from the competition
  • The uniquely delicious and savory flavor adds signature appeal to any dish
  • Performs consistently in hot and cold applications
  • The hand-roping adds an authentic touch that can enhance decor and make for easy merchandising
  • All natural, preservative and filler-free so flavor and performance are always of the highest quality and consistency

Product Specifications

Form Case Pack Product Code UPC Code
Salame One-100 lb. 245 6 37876 09245 9 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Mandarini Two-30 lb. 247 6 37876 09247 3 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Rounds Six-1.75 lb. 451 6 37876 09451 4 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Rounds Six-3.25 lb. 452 6 37876 09452 1 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Salame Six-2 lb. 454 6 37876 09454 5 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Salame One-25 lb. 237 6 37876 09241 1 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Salame One-55 lb. 241 6 37876 09241 1 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF
Salame Qtrs. Two-12 lb. 244 6 37876 09244 2 Specs & Nutritional Info.  View as PDF

Check Quality Codes - Make sure cheese is being properly rotated to ensure performance.

For best performance, keep refrigerated under 42°F. Product should not be frozen.

Shelf Life
For best results, use within 6 months.

Prep Area Temperature - Prepped cheese should be kept cold and not allowed to sit at room temperature for extended periods of time. Always keep covered and refrigerated when possible.

Pasteurized milk, cheese culture, salt, enzymes.