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Attracting New Customers with Direct Mail

How do you reach a potential customer if you don’t have their contact information? Once you have gained a loyal customer it’s easy to communicate to them via email but getting them in the door the first time may be more difficult. While an appealing, informative and user-friendly website is critical to attracting new customers to your pizzeria, it’s usually only discovered when they are actively searching for a place to eat today. Your goal should be to get future diners thinking about and discussing your restaurant more often.

To capture the attention of potential customers when they aren’t in the car or walking out the door for a meal is where direct mail marketing comes in. Not only can you reach more people in your market, your brand and message also last longer, resulting in a better response rate compared to email messages.

Direct mail comes with a higher price tag than digital marketing, but the results outweigh those costs. Think about how many unsolicited emails you receive on a daily basis. Now go check your mailbox. Once a consumer starts to get too many emails they can (and do) just change their email address, but they can’t do the same with their physical address, nor would they feel the need to because the amount of mail is not as overwhelming.

Direct Mail by the Numbers

Direct mail can also be more personalized to your audience and has a longer life cycle. It is easy for someone to hold on to a piece of mail to read it when they have time or share it with others in their household. Once it’s in their hands, drive them directly to your website using a QR code. No search necessary and they are right where you can further engage them with your mouth-watering food photos, menu, location, hours and brand story.

Grande’s Solutions @ Work team of marketing experts can assist 100-Percenters in determining the appropriate target audience for your goals and get the mailing sent out to future diners. With our Universal Mailing Program you can reach the maximum number of customers in your area using demographics to determine where to send the mailer. You can also select a more targeted mailing by choosing only people new to the neighborhood or businesses in your area you want to attract for lunch or after work dining through our New Mover and Business Programs. Grande also offers mailing programs for retaining existing customers, once you have them hooked on the best pizza in town.

In addition to having the correct mailing list, the message and design of your direct mail piece are critical to getting it read. Our Solutions @ Work designers will create a fully customized marketing piece using your brand and logo to influence the design. Choose from takeout menus, postcards, magnets, scratch-offs and more to get new customers into your restaurant.

It’s not as expensive as you may think, and the results will convince you that direct mail can play a role in your marketing plan. If you are currently struggling with finding reliable staff, direct mail can help with that too. To learn more about how to become a Grande 100-Percenter and our direct mail marketing programs, contact our Solutions @ Work team or call 1-866-633-8686.


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Date: July 7, 2021