Are You Making a Good First Impression?

As an operator dedicated to serving the highest quality foods, you probably took considerable time and care to open your restaurant. But have you given the same attention to your website? Ultimately, all that care and consideration may mean little if your website is hard for your customers to use or poorly constructed. In fact, it only takes customers a few seconds on your website to decide if they are going to stay or go1. So make sure you are making the best impression with these helpful tips.

Use Customer-Friendly Designs

As you design your site, consider your typical customers and how they will interact with it. For example, if your customers struggle viewing your menu items, they may just leave.  

Optimize for Load Times and Digital

Beautiful images and video are great for engagement but be sure they load quickly. Over half of customers will leave if pages take longer than a few seconds to load2. And with more customers searching from smartphones, it is critical your site is mobile optimized and designed for smaller screens.

Design Your Site with Visual Tracking in Mind

Consumers tend to read webpages in an “F” or “Z” shaped pattern, reading the top few lines and then skimming down the rest of the page3. Keep this in mind when designing your site by placing your most important information in the pattern your customers’ eye will likely follow.

Don’t Forget About Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

After investing the time and effort into designing a great site, SEO ensures customers will find it. Consider keywords customers will likely use to find you and make sure they are incorporated throughout your site. And be sure to claim your business profiles on third party sites, like TripAdvisor and Yelp.

Consider A Website from Solutions @ Work

Having a website that provides a great customer experience is a critical piece to growing your business. Our Solutions@Work website experts can help you create a website to provide your customers with the best experience and strongest impression of your restaurant. Click here to learn more: or contact us today at 866-633-8686.


1Brandwatch 2017, 2Digital Velocity 2016, 3Nielsen Normal Group 2017

Date: June 7, 2022