Your Customers Care About Quality and We Can Prove It

With customers at a premium for every pizza restaurant in town today, guess what 73% of them say is the biggest tie breaker between you and your competition? That’s right, “Quality of pizza.” Followed by “Type of pizza” at 44%.¹ (Both numbers exclusive of price.)

But the demographics of these customers may be a little surprising. As you’d expect, Baby Boomers, with a little more disposable income place a higher importance on food quality, at 78%. But Gen Zers (18-24 yrs. old) actually value quality at 69% vs. low prices at 36%.¹ And many young people consider pizza an affordable high quality option, which is a great position for your restaurant looking ahead. Interestingly, the desire for quality has jumped 40% with Gen Z and Millennials over just two years.²

Since quality is the key to both driving more traffic and having a positive experience with your restaurant, it makes sense that it would also lead to better online reviews. That’s not just a “nice to have” benefit – a recent Harvard Business School study determined that for independent restaurants, each additional star earned on Yelp led to sales growth of between 5-9%.³ Now that’s saying something!

Share your quality story with customers in your restaurant by leveraging your menu, counter, tables and walls. Take the time to share your quality story one-on-one with customers. Let them know exactly why your pizza is better. It makes them feel like knowledgeable insiders and encourages them to share their high quality experience with family and friends. With today’s focus on delivery and curbside carryout, finding ways to share your story outside of your walls is increasingly important as well. From box stickers and customizable box toppers to direct mail programs and social media content, we have tools to help you communicate your commitment to quality with customers that don’t dine inside your restaurant.

One other thing you might consider promoting is that “you guarantee your customers will be satisfied with your pizza.” Surveys indicate over half of consumers believe you should offer some kind of pizza insurance to give them confidence you’ll deliver the quality they expect.4 Since many patrons will visit your website before they visit your restaurant, it’s the perfect place to share your quality messaging and satisfaction guarantee before they order.

The good news is that if you use Grande Cheese, you have already made a noticeable and differentiating commitment to quality pizza. The other good news is if you currently use 100% Grande Cheese on your pizza, there are some dynamic new Quality Messaging marketing materials (box stickers, window clings, table tents, etc.) that are free to you off-the-shelf, or semi-customizable at a competitive price for your restaurant. Add your logo, specials, unique QR code and more. If you prefer a fully customized marketing experience, Grande’s Solutions @ Work team can provide unparalleled pizza industry expertise, including custom designed materials at very competitive rates. Click here to learn more.

Sharing your quality commitment reinforces your customers’ decision to choose your pizza over all others. It tells them they made the right choice and increases the odds that they will make you their choice again. Learn more about how Grande cheese contributes to your pizza quality here.


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Date: March 10, 2021