Pizza featuring Grande cheese

Dine In or Take Out, Grande Cheese Delivers

Ensuring a consistent, great tasting pie whether consumers are enjoying the pizza at home or dining in is important to building repeat business. In fact, 59% of customers believe consistent quality is important when eating out.1 Grande Mozzarella and Blends will provide you with the consistency and quality you need to keep your customers coming back for more.

As consumers and restaurants adapt to mitigate health risks, providing high quality food via delivery and takeout is even more critical in today’s environment. Even as dining rooms begin to reopen across the country, many Americans plan to continue their newly developed habits after COVID-19 restrictions are lifted. Most Americans (80%)² will continue ordering family meal bundles from restaurants for pick-up or delivery, and 72% will continue ordering restaurant food for delivery in general.³ Additionally, 52% of consumers order more pizza than they need for a meal, planning to eat the leftovers at a different time?4

With Grande, our Mozzarella and Italian Blends have outstanding melt and reheat qualities. The complete and even melt of Grande cheese ensures that your pizza and menu applications will maintain their appearance and flavor through the delivery process. You can also rest assured that your pie will be as good reheated as it is when served hot and fresh in your location. Our Mozzarella and Italian Blends can differentiate your menu applications, giving customers an experience they can’t get anywhere else.

Grande Mozzarella and Italian Blends start with the highest quality milk in the nation, sourced from dedicated local farms to ensure the following:

Exceptional Flavor

  • Clean and full flavored, with distinct dairy notes and rich, buttery tones
  • 100% natural ingredients, free of additives, fillers and preservatives
  • Complements the taste of your other ingredients

Outstanding Reheat Qualities

  • Maintains flavor, appearance and mouth feel from oven to table whether your customers dine in, carry out or get delivery
  • Guarantees consistent quality of your dishes

Melts Evenly

  • Consistent, complete and even melt, providing full coverage
  • Favorable yield, so you may use less cheese per pie or application

Excellent Stretch, Tender Mouth feel

  • Hearty, yet tender body with a full, smooth stretch
  • Appealing texture that enhances the dining experience

Resists Burning and Oiling Off

  • Resistant to burning, enhancing the look and flavor of your pizza and other applications
  • Adds mouthwatering flavor and texture without being oily or dry

Consistent Performance

  • High quality, consistent milk supply
  • Our traditional cheese making processes ensure dependable flavor and performance to keep your customers coming back

It’s no surprise that cheese influences the flavor, appearance and mouth feel of a finished dish, so it’s essential to invest in quality.

Our Mozzarella and Italian Blends are available in these varieties:

If you are looking to provide your customers with consistent quality and a great tasting pizza time and again, click here to request a product tasting of Grande’s cheese.


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Date: June 22, 2020