Online Ordering Brings in New Customers

Most consumers now incorporate some amount of technology into their restaurant experience and they’re interested in seeing even more technology to improve customer service.

44% of consumers, including over half of millennials, say they placed a takeout or delivery order using a restaurant app or website in the past year. Additionally, 53% of consumers would like restaurants to use technology to offer more convenient takeout and delivery options.1

By offering online ordering options, you provide an avenue for new customers to find your business. When customers can place their order online, from their smartphone, tablet or desktop, they are more likely to try your restaurant. If a customer needs to call in to order, they don’t have as much time to consider what they want. Seven in 10 consumers say they have gone online to view a restaurant menu.1 For first time customers, this added level of convenience is important. While diners are searching for a place to have dinner online, making it easy for them to order will build a new customer base of internet users.

Online ordering not only attracts new customers, but also provides you with savings in terms of time and efficiency. Wouldn’t you rather your staff make pizzas than answer the phone? Your employees may also be too busy to upsell customers to increase your check averages. An online ordering app can be programmed to ask the user to purchase additional items. Customers ordering online increase their spend 26% at QSRs, leading to increased check averages.Click here to learn how online ordering can build check averages.

The online order process also benefits restaurants as there are fewer mistakes in orders, leading to less waste. You also have the opportunity to offer promotions, discounts, new menu items and gather information about your customers for future marketing programs.

Even if you don’t currently have a website or the ability to provide online ordering, you can take advantage of one of the many services available on the internet to start bringing in new customers. More and more are popping up every day providing your customers with more restaurant options to choose from – don’t let those hungry diners get away without seeing what you have to offer! Click here to learn more about third party delivery pros and cons.


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Date: May 11, 2020