Featured Operators

From coast to coast, pizzeria operators put everything they have into their signature pies. In this series, Grande features operators and their secrets to success.

Gino Fazzari, Owner of San Giorgio Pizzeria Napoletana
Neapolitan pizza featuring Grande fresh mozzarella cheese
Diners enjoy Neapolitan pizza
Baked pizza features Grande fresh mozzarella cheese

Gino Fazzari

San Giorgio Pizzeria, Milwaukee, WI
Established 2017

I studied in Naples under one of the master pizzaiolos to get my VPN certification and opened right down the street from my other restaurant. We were the first certified pizzeria in Milwaukee and the 4th in Wisconsin.


You have a vision. You have a dream. You have passion. When you open your pizzeria, you need these things, so stick to them. Don’t let anybody talk you out of it.


If I had to pick one, it would be the Calabrese. Partly because I’m from Calabria. It's basically a cheese and pepperoni pizza but the spicy Calabrese version, simple and delicious.

Vic Bernardini, Owner of PIzzeria Lucca
Pizza slice featuring Grande fresh mozzarella cheese
Diners enjoying pizza on the patio
Making Neapolitan pizza that features Grande fresh mozzarella cheese

Vic Bernardini

Pizzeria Lucca, Roswell, GA
Established 2016

I started as an electrical engineer and then ran businesses until I was 48, but I’ve always played with pizza. Eight years ago, I put an oven in my backyard and started hosting parties. I realized I enjoyed that more than anything.


The people around you are important. This business is too exhausting to do by yourself. When you have a good pizza maker, hold on to them. And when you need to let someone go, don’t hesitate. It will be better in the long run.


I'm kind of a purist. So honestly, I focus on the Margherita because to me, if you make a good Margherita, that's the sign of a great pizza maker. And that's about cooking it with the right balance.

Kelli & Jason Kolich, Owners of 1889 Pizza Napoletana
Caprese salad featuring Grande fresh mozzarella cheese
Mother and toddler boy enjoying pizza
Neapolitan style pizza featuring Grande fresh mozzarella cheese coming out of the the oven

Kelli Kolich, Jason Kolich

1889 Pizza Napoletana, Kansas City, KS
Established 2014

We both bonded over our separate experiences studying abroad in Italy. We didn't really see any type of truly traditional cuisine in the heart of the Midwest. So we built this place to resemble a backyard in Naples.


Be different than your competition. Don’t blend in. That starts with having a strong brand to maintain, but also evolving every day in how you make your brand known to the world. Market yourself in multiple ways.


(Jason) For me it’s The 1889, which has black truffle oil, mixed mushrooms and arugula. (Kelli) The Picante is one of my favorites. It was inspired by a breakfast sandwich I had in Tulsa and it has green eggs and ham!