How Consistency Can Save You Money and Increase Restaurant Traffic

Consistency is critical when you’re building your business. Customers expect it. They want to know that every time they come to your restaurant, they will enjoy the same quality service, the same great-tasting food and the same memorable experience.

At Grande, we’ve built our reputation on consistency and pride ourselves on going above and beyond industry standards and our customers’ expectations – because we know that you are relying on us to deliver the best every time.

The same is true for what your customers expect. 59% of patrons consider consistent food quality important when eating out.1 Having ingredients that consistently deliver in quality, and using consistent portions so your menu items always deliver the same great taste, is important for getting repeat visits to your restaurant.

Here are a few ways to maintain your reputation for quality while being mindful of your margins:

  • Make sure everyone in your kitchen understands how you make your pizzas. Create pizza-build sheets for each of your pies, if you don’t already have them. And if you do have them, make sure that everyone who builds pizzas knows them inside and out. Hang pictures of the perfect build for each pie in your prep area for easy reference. Use Grande’s Pizza Maker Checklist to help ensure you train new staff appropriately.
  • Try to avoid “free-handing” ingredients, even during peak times. This can result in over-applying ingredients, which costs you money and creates inconsistency from pizza to pizza. For better accuracy and efficiency, have your prep staff use Grande’s portion-control tools.
  • Reduce prep table waste by making your staff more accountable. Have your pizza maker scrape spilled ingredients into a container at the end of your prep table and at the end of the shift, talk to your staff about the value of lost ingredients and consider an incentive for those who reduce waste.

Consistency is crucial to your operation and important for ensuring that your high standards are maintained day in and day out. Consistency saves you money and keeps existing customers coming back for more.


1 Datassential Generational Survey, 2017.

Date: May 11, 2020