Inflation, your customers and you

As an operator, you are likely all too aware of the effects of inflation on your restaurant. Your customers are feeling these effects too. Here are a few ways you can limit the impact of inflation for your customers.

Pickup and Delivery

  • 40% of consumers hope local pizzerias continue offering curbside pickup in 2021 
  • A quarter of all consumers are using delivery services more in 2022  

Here are a few tips to consider: 

  • Consider pickup options. As inflation rises, continuing curbside or in-store pickup areas appeal to customers who want to save on delivery fees. 
  • Be aware of the costs. Third party delivery services charge fees. Using your own service comes at a cost as well.  Understand how both compare to make the right choice for you. Click here to learn more about third party delivery.

Alternative Menu Options

As inflation leads to rising prices, consumers may consider trading down to less expensive options. Here are a few tips ensure your customers continue ordering from you:  

  • Offer menu items with a range of price points to broaden appeal to a larger customer base.  
  • Create unique menu options to attract new customers, such as build-your-own pizza or pasta options.
  • Develop specials where you bundle menu items such as pizza, breadsticks, garlic knots and drinks. This can help your customer save money and build your check average.

Customer Marketing

Inflation affects all consumers differently.  Promoting what is unique about your restaurant can attract new customers. Your food quality and service keep them coming back for more. When you use Grande cheeses exclusively on your pizza, you can gain access to business support tools to help you promote your business and grow sales. Contact your Sales Associate to learn more.  

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Date: May 12, 2022