Keep Your Pizzeria Profitable with Portion Control

Portion control used to be the difference between making money and making a lot of money. Now, it is literally the difference between staying in business and going out of business. As profit margins shrink, the importance of portion control is even greater. Note that all of the major pizza chains consistently use portion control.

Portion control will:

  • Save money by not overusing product
  • Make your product more consistent
  • Make it easier to train your staff
  • Allow for growth and scalability of your operation

How does portion control save money?

If the average staff member uses just one extra ounce of cheese per pizza, and you sell 2,000 pizzas in one month, with cheese at $2.50 per pound, you can expect to lose $3,840 per year—just in cheese!

Cheese $2.50 per pound = 16¢ per oz = $320 per month in excess cheese x 12 months = $3,840!

While cheese is the most common item portioned in a pizzeria, it’s important to understand that you need to portion everything, especially with the rising cost of beef, pork and poultry.

How does portion control affect consistency?

  • 59% of patrons consider consistent food quality important when eating out.1
  • Portioning out all items in your pizzeria will ensure that every item that goes out the door will be the same as the last one.
  • It removes guesswork, and helps employees stay true to established standards.
  • Portion control also helps limit under-portioning—which can be even worse than over-portioning, as you could lose customers rather than profit. Consistent products will yield increased sales. Why do so many people eat at the major chains? Because they know they will always get what they expect.

How does portion control affect training?

  • Your staff members will succeed if you give them the information they need.
  • Include portion charts in your training program and recipe books.
  • Recipes and portion charts will reduce problems with inconsistent training.
  • Tie employee pay to the ability to memorize portion charts.
  • Your process should be so detailed that a day-one trainee could make a pizza with little other instruction. The trainee can refer to the charts before asking for help.

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1 Datassential Generational Survey, 2017.

Date: May 11, 2020