Increase Repeat Visits by Sharing Your Restaurant’s Quality Story

“I think Grande has been one of the biggest reasons I’m so successful.”

– Vittorio Mangieri, Vittorio’s Pizzeria and Restaurant, Vero Beach, FL

Part of your success depends on keeping customers coming back again and again, and your story helps to differentiate you from your competition. By taking the time to craft and tell your story, you will be showing your customers what makes your restaurant so special.

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Getting Your Story Right

Stories are the oldest, most effective form of connecting and communicating. Your story makes you who you are and helps shape how people feel about your restaurant. When writing your story, remember to keep it:

  • Easy to understand
  • Emotional
  • Authentic

It is okay to add flavor and fun to your story, but it should also allow your audience to recognize it as the true experience you are offering. Root your story in things your customers care about, like the quality of your food. 59% of patrons agree that consistent-quality food is an important menu feature that draws customers to restaurants.1 Using high quality ingredients, like Grande cheese, is important to ensure your pizza’s quality time and time again. Make it a point to connect with customers at your restaurant one-on-one and to educate your staff about the natural, fresh, high quality ingredients you use and why quality matters.

Telling Your Story

The moment customers enter your restaurant, they are forming an opinion about who you are. Every element of your business – the décor, the language on the menu board, the way the servers dress and introduce themselves – is part of your story and your brand. Here are some ways to share the story of your restaurant with customers one-on-one:

  • Encourage your staff to be upbeat and friendly while greeting customers at the door.
  • Tell your story in photographs and framed passages hung on your walls. Or use decals on glass countertops or small printed takeaways near the register to let customers read your story while they wait.
  • Engage diners with your story at the table by printing it on table tents, the menu, or placemats. If you are still creating your story, start engaging today by sharing quality messaging with our independent pizzeria materials available at no charge exclusively to operators that use 100% Grande cheese on their pizzas. Click here to order!
  • Save a place on your printed takeout menu for your story. Work with our Solutions @ Work® Team to develop a customized takeout menu if yours needs an update!
  • Start a referral program to reward customers when they recommend your restaurant to friends and family.
Diners Are Loyal

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Date: May 11, 2020