Fresh Mozzarella Loaf

Grande Avorio® is our new Fresh Mozzarella Loaf that captures the spirit of the East Coast. It features a clean dairy flavor and creamy delicate texture that can put your Grandma, Brooklyn and other specialty pizzas on the map for repeat customer visits and increased sales. Avorio can also elevate sandwiches, appetizers and more!

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Why Avorio?

  • Provides East Coast authenticity that customers crave. In fact, 49% of consumers say they want to see more authentic pizzas.1
  • Great for specialty pizzas like Grandma and others, which are growing in popularity. Menuing of Grandma Pizza has grown 41% since 2017.2
  • Gain repeat customer visits with exceptional flavor. 62% of consumers return to their favorite pizzeria because of great-tasting food.3

1Technomic Pizza Consumers Trend Report, 2018
2Datassential Menu Trends, 2020
3Path to Consumption Study, Datassential and Grande, 2018



  • Clean dairy flavor that’s pleasantly different from what’s typically available for this type of product.
  • Provides a delicate, tender and creamy texture, ensuring a memorable experience for your customers.
  • Natural white color, free from additives like titanium dioxide.
  • Not packed in brine water, so no draining required.
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